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Start Trading CFDs on Shares with Ainvestments

Stock markets are probably the most famous markets in the world, due to the attention given to international companies and their business performance. Ainvestments allows you to trade Shares CFDs on the largest global markets like USA, Germany, Spain, France, and more. Trading shares as CFDs does not mean ownership of a stock, but speculation on the price of that company.

Why trade Shares with Ainvestments?

Trading CFDs on Stocks

Traders can buy or sell huge selection of stocks from global markets of USA, Germany, Spain, France and more. They get real-time quotes on the stocks from these markets, and earn income as if they would have held the stock itself. To check Ainvestments trading fees, please Click Here.

Trading with Confidence

Choose stop loss and take profit limits, and trade with confidence. Your open positions will be closed automatically as soon as the target market price has been reached.

Open a Live Account and Start Trading Now!

Opening a live account with Ainvestments is simple and secure. Use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop to open a real account with Ainvestments and start trading.

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